10-Day Weather Forecast Tiles



The calendar tile will only show up after midnight and then be updated daily. The current conditions tile will appear after 15 minutes and be updated regularly thereafter.


Yes thank you I figured it out after I changed the update time. I am learning a lot, but alas I need a private tutor! Ha, Ha.


Glad you figured it out. I almost started to explain how to change the update time temporarily in my last post, but was afraid I’d just complicate things for you (and maybe me). :grinning:

Typically, when I’m designing a piston tile, I develop the piston without triggers so I can easily see the changes via the test button. It’s only after I’m satisfied with the result that I add the triggers.

Here’s one more just for fun. This is my own “left-coast” version of the Sunrise-Sunset tile. Why left-coast? All the others I’ve seen have the sun rise over the ocean, and the sun set over the mountains. It doesn’t work that way where I live. :sunglasses:


Thanks, I have installed this Sunrise/Sunset Piston, how will it work on the East Coast? I assume using location. Now looking at the code I changed the offset time to “0” on Sunrise and Sunset as I am in New Jersey on the coast. I guess I did that correct. I will have to wait for Sunset to see it work.

I wish we could order the tile by Piston so we could stack one set of tiles on top of another, Just for ease and separation.
Maybe if we could drag a blank tile between pistons it would make it easier to see. That is just me and my OCD.


Sunrise and Sunset are determined by your hub location, so you shouldn’t need to make any adjustment to the piston. All I did to make this a ‘left-coast’ version was swap the emojis so that sunrise was over the mountains and sunset over the water.

The offset merely determines how long after sunrise or sunset the tiles are updated to reflect the next sunrise/sunset event. I chose two hours; your preference may be different.

The pistons (and their tiles) are sorted alphabetically within each category, so you can order them by changing the names. You can also add additional tile categories to separate tiles into logical groups.


Ok so I have to change my icons, that is next. As far as my offset i am not sure what it should be. Where do I get the standard icon and how is it applied? I guess I just need the address for the icons for standard over the ocean icons.


The icons are just emojis :sunrise: and :sunrise_over_mountains:. Just carefully copy and paste them where you want them. Note the emojis’ actual appearance will vary depending on the device on which they’re being viewed.

I just set my offset for two hours after sunrise and sunset so I could, briefly, look back to see what time the last sunrise or sunset took place before the tiles update to future event. There’s no magic number.


OK thanks for the info, I have a great class today, I have been taught a lot thanks.


and this probably works only on windows and android but not on mac os or ios? :slight_smile:


I shall find out soon.


No I an unable to paste the different icons in. Any other way of doing this?


you can use the corresponding mac emoji but i didnt like the looks of those. so, playing around with these for now:



I also have these, but I still couldn’t copy and paste.sunrisesunrise_over_mountains These are png files.


right those are mac emojis i was talking about. on mac you would just input them from the emoji selector :sunrise: :sunrise_over_mountains: ctrl-cmd-space


Thanks that worked. But sunrise over mountain not available.


sure. thought this one is called sunrise over mountains? :sunrise_over_mountains:


It is but it isn’t in my emoj list.


when i use ctrl-cmd-space and search for sunrise on my mac this is what i get. you are getting the first emoji but not the second?


Wow, I haven’t used the mac at the office for a while, but I don’t remember it being this complicated. On the other, there was a lot of :wine_glass: at the pool party today. :grinning:

Would it help if I just post a right coast version?


thanks but when restored on a mac the icons get substituted with their mac equivalents as above. hope you convinced them to give you a couple of bottles to take home. :wink: