10-Day Weather Forecast Tiles



Yes I don’t get that. I think it is because of my location on the east coast.


Oh, I thought that’s what he was trying to do, just reverse the mountains and the ocean. But then I drank the bottles they tried to send home with me, so … maybe I’ll reread this thread tomorrow. :drooling_face:


OK got the correct icons installed, but on a different Mac. For some reason on my new Retina iMac the emoji was missing. So I did it on my other iMac. Then rebooted the new one and it was back. I guess leaving the new one on without a reboot for 90 days isn’t great. But everything else was OK.


Weather report tiles are off for forecast. Weather Channel says 50% chance of rain and the tile says no rain. My HUB says it is connected to NY which is my Basic location, I am 30 miles west. I wonder if this can be adjusted?


What day is being misreported? Also, to be sure, you are talking about the 10-day forecast tiles and not the Current Conditions tile?


It was today (Monday) but a few minutes ago it did sync properly. I can’t decide if it is something to do with the strange behavior of SmartThings over the last few days. Everything is strange, lights coming on at the wrong time, automations starting early. Big Talker speaking that a light is on when it isn’t etc, etc, etc.


The first tile in the 10-day forecast uses data parsed from a slightly different stream and as a result, unlike the other tiles, does not display the chance of precipitation if there is one. I’ve debated both whether and how to address this, and while I’ve kicked around a few ideas I haven’t done anything yet.


That makes sense, I couldn’t put my arms around this oddity, until you explained it. Thanks.


I’ve updated the piston here and in the original post. The chance of precipitation has been incorporated into the first tile, but as with the other tiles will appear only when greater than zero. In addition, the code has been cleaned up and streamlined.


Im Still Leaning this. But where does this piston show up at? I was thinking I could add it into Actiontiles but I dont see it show up after I imported it into webcore.


Nevermind I figured it out. Didnt realize it would only show on Webcore Dashboard… Looking for some good Solutions for actiontiles that does something similar.


Thanks for the code first of all, it mostly works really well for me! I have one glitch and not sure how to fix it. I am in Canada, and use Celsius, but i am not getting all of the Temps in the forecast reporting properly. I believe it is just not putting the - symbol in front of the temp once the temp falls below -9 or -10 C. It shows 13 to 20 C as one example, and when i check the forecast, it is actually -13 to -20 C.

Any suggestion on where to fix this? Let me know if i can provide more information!



The obvious fix is to move somewhere much warmer. :sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground:

The original piston didn’t account for the possibility of a negative double-digit Celsius temp. If you want to make the change yourself to retain any other modifications you might have made, the line under the second “if metric is true” needs to be modified, changing both the “2” to 3.

Here’s the line before and after

do Set variable {tempC[counter]} = {mid(weather,indexOf(weather, 'C. ')-2,2)};
do Set variable {tempC[counter]} = {mid(weather,indexOf(weather, 'C. ')-3,3)};

Otherwise, here’s the updated piston. Once the tiles have updated, let me know if this works for you.

Edit: Deleted revised piston. The suggested revisions (above) are incorrect.


Changed it as per your directions and this is the result…


Okay, here’s the revised piston. I needed to revise a couple of lines of code that wouldn’t parse correctly in more extreme temperatures.


Revision to correct Day of Week not always displaying correctly on tiles.


Please post your code. I also have the day of week problem.


Hmm, it was there – and the space for it was still – but somehow the image vanished. Anyway, I’ve edited the post again with a new image. Backup code tqsod


IMPORTANT NOTE: With SmartThings’ decision to source weather information from The Weather Channel (TWC) and remove access to the data previously provided by Weather Underground, this piston no longer functions properly.

I will be working on an revision that uses the TWC API and hope to have it available within the next week, depending on my schedule.


Hopefully the following will get you started: