10-Day Weather Forecast Tiles



Yes, I’m sure it will. I’ve been following the beta thread and your progress on this. I’ve just been too busy this past week to get involved.


@bthrock do you recommend a replacement?


@Bboy486 I have a replacement that I should have posted earlier. It still needs a little tweaking as in a certain, mostly uncommon, circumstances it won’t parse the wind conditions correctly. I just need to have some free time to focus on it when the problem occurs. But this should work for you 98% of the time.


Is there a way to also add push notifications on this piston? I would like one piston for both tiles and push notifications about the forecast.


It certainly could be done, but the code you would have to add here (i.e., one or more if/then statements after the For loop) would be essentially the same as that required for a separate piston.



First thanks for your work @bhtrock, very appreciated.

Here is my first piston on this forums and it’s a tweak of your work bhtrock. I’ve tweaked the wind to only show the direction and the speed. I had to tweak the windUnit to yield km/h instead of kmh.

It’s better displayed on large tiles to get the all the features.

I’m planning on moduling the colors based on the season. Here we have 4 seasons and the temperature can go from -20C to 30C in the summer.