Ability to specify FORM / Value pairs in Web Requests


The ability to more specifically define FORM variables and value pairs in Web Requests would be very helpful. Right now, we are limited to passing the webCoRE variable name and value as the FORM variable/value pair. If your FORM data requires a FORM field with characters not suitable for a webCoRE variable name, there is an issue. Coincidentally, the nomenclature Variable[Attribute] = value is very common for REST APIs - but unusable with webCoRE.


Custom web request body has been released in v0.3.105.20180628. Please see the release announcement for examples.

In your case, these attributes can be specified in a PUT request using the new CUSTOM request body type and urlEncode() function. Type the body as an expression 'Monitor[Enabled]={urlEncode(monitorEnabled)}' and select application/x-www-form-urlencoded as the content type.