Added new places, but they're not showing up in currentPlace



I use the webcore Places feature extensively, and have had some pistons going well for quite some time to send push notifications when my wife or I are entering or leaving the radius. i’ve had about 7 different places and they all work fine. My wife just got a new job so I updated the Places within settings, and I updated my piston to check for those places. But I don’t get my alerts, and the piston never triggers (the piston is set to always subscribe to currentPlace).

this got me curious, so I checked the presence device in the IDE. it properly lists all of the correct places, and it even shows closestPlace, previousPlace, arrivingAtPlace properly, but currentPlace is blank (hence why my piston isnt triggering at this location). I’ve got the 200m arrival radius of that place directly on top of it, and i have confirmed that the phone is right there in the middle of it. yet for some reason, for this new place, it’s not seeing that it has arrived. (legacy places do continue to work fine)

here’s the rest of the IDE data

Current States	
presence: not present
sleeping: not sleeping
closestPlaceDistance: 0.14857313552231205
verticalAccuracyMetric: 6.0
speed: 11.4829396325
altitude: 556.693177210689
horizontalAccuracy: 33.0675855215627
altitudeMetric: 169.680080413818
closestPlace: Work
previousPlace: Home
places: Work,Mom's,Nanas,Home,Daycare,Office
closestPlaceDistanceMetric: 0.23910528
distance: 3.0129148241804784
arrivingAtPlace: Work
bearing: 197.57812
longitude: [redacted]
speedMetric: 3.5
verticalAccuracy: 19.6850393701
latitude: [redacted]
distanceMetric: 4.8488164
horizontalAccuracyMetric: 10.0790000669723