Adding 2018 Samsung Tv


I’ve tried searching but wasn’t able to find my answer. I am able to see my 2018 Samsung Tv as a device within the new Smartthings app, but no matter what type of device I choose within Webcore I don’t see the TV. Is there any way of adding it? I’d like to add it to a wake up routine so it shows ambient mode with weather when I wake up and walk into the living room, then turn off after the period of time.



are you able to add the tv as an available device in your webcore instance? go to Automations > your webcore instance > settings > available devices


Yeah that’s were I was looking, I looked under actuators and sensors, then under every available category beneath there. I didn’t know if there was another dth I could use that would make it show or another route I should go.


Did you look for a Device Handler?
I had a ROKU TV and found a device handler.


Hmmm… I’m in the same boat here. I have a new (2018) Samsung TV and I cannot get it to show up as anything that I can add to WC. It is listed as a device in both ST apps that I have (I had to load the new ST app in order to get my Soundbar connected to my home WIFI). Anyway, the TV works and everything is showing up in the ST app…but it’s not listed as any type of device that I can add to WC.

I have been getting by because I have a Harmony remote and I can make it do things with that…but I can’t adjust the volume on the TV to a specific level (at least not that I’m aware of) with the Harmony remote. So I’d really like to get it working in WC so that I can use a few more features.


Agreed there’s a couple things Id like to play with if I was able to get it to load into WC. Hopefully someone will come up with an idea. :confused:


I’m in the same boat here. I have a 2018 Samsung QLED and it does not show up in Webcore.

The current type is “Samsung OCF TV”.