Addressing the end of webCoRE


As I’m sure many already know, HE now has official built-in app support for Webcore. Just thought I’d comment for anyone following.


Thanks @brutal for updating this thread with the news.

The other good news of course is that ST users who are all in with webCoRE and don’t want to lose it, can continue to use webCoRE on ST after Groovy shuts down by having it run on a hubitat hub, their devices stay on ST, and everything works as before.

As the chief tester of the app that makes this possible, Replica, and the author of this thread, I couldn’t be happier honestly. Also happy this thread got the attention it deserved and wasn’t merged into a broader thread as was asked for below.

@Bloodtick_Jones is one of our more brilliant webCoRE forum users/coders I wrote about above, and came through for us, just in the nick of time! :pray:


I was heavily into using Webcore but, with the ST changes, I made the switch to Hubitat some months ago. If you have a lot of devices it can be challenging but, overall, I found better, wider device support and plenty of help from the community when I needed it. The things that I used Webcore to do I could mostly do with Hubitat without Webcore. I’m not sorry I made the change and I encourage all to look at leaving the ST platform and embrace Hubitat.

Hubitat dashboards are much better but do have a lot of limitations.