Aeotec Smart Home Hub compatibility


I just got an email that my 2013 ST hub is reaching EOL shortly. They’re recommending purchasing the Aeotec Smart Home Hub. Besides the PITA of migrating all my devices over to a new hub, does anyone know if WebCORE will be/is compatible with that hub? I can’t find anything on it in a search.


the aeotec smart home home is simply a rebranded ST v3 hub. yes, webcore works with it as it connects to the ST platform.


Do you think they’ll kill my IDE account if I don’t replace my v1 hub with something else.


I don’t think so based on what I read, but I don’t know. This is their FAQ for it.


they will not kill the IDE account, only the v1 hub.

be patient though, the end of IDE is coming later this year.


Thanks for the link. Oops on the claim code, I had to retrieve it from the trash :slight_smile:


I had a SmartThings account long before I ever had a hub, and that was when there was beggar all you could do without the hub.


Blockquote[quote=“jkp, post:5, topic:19461”]
be patient though, the end of IDE is coming later this year.

I’m assuming it’s being replaced with something else then?


word is… everything will be done through the app for the most part


Good Lord. I hope they do a major overhaul and improvement to the app then. It’s a joke.


Instead of starting a new thread, I’ll just ask here if maybe you guys know why my virtual devices are showing offline? Simulated contacts, motion, etc