Are Fuel Streams Still a Thing?


Fuel streams haven’t worked for me for a while so I stopped using them. I have a need for one today so I created a test piston to see if whatever the problem is might have been resolved. My test piston should write to a fuel stream when a window is opened or closed.

If I look at the log, it says “Executed virtual command writeToFuelStream (2ms)” but when I go to the Fuel Streams tab it says, “Sorry, you have no fuel streams yet. Please create one by using the “Write to fuel stream” task.”

Are they working for other people? Thanks.


HE or ST?




@ipaterson - any thoughts on server side issue?


I searched this site for fuel streams and the first result suggests that @ady624 needs to do something to fix the database. This goes back to at least 2018 so I don’t think it’s going to be fixed.


I suspected as much. Thanks for looking into it.

Edit to add: It’s apparent that WC really is dead. I guess I’m at what Elisabeth Kubler Ross calls the “acceptance” phase. RIP in WebCoRE, you were an invaluable tool and you had a ■■■■ good run.


Dead as in how? No longer developed or maintained? What would replace it’s power and flexibility?


Dead with Groovy on ST but still kicking on the Hubitat side. I don’t use fuel streams so not sure about that part.