Arriving at/leaving from variables


Does anyone know which geofence the varibles arrivingAtLocation and leavingLocation are associated with. Are they linked with the inner or outer circles?

[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your Android (beta)
[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your Android (beta)

Yes, the inner circle is the arrival, and the outer circle is leaving.


When you enter the big circle you are arriving at your place. When you make it into the smaller circle you have arrived at your current place.

Leaving is the inverse of above


In terms of variables though, how do the circles relate? When I cross into the big circle from outside of it does that make my arrivingAtLocation change to the name of the location? When I enter the smaller circle from the bigger circle does that change anything? I am thinking the inner circle is used to change the presense variable from present when you enter the small circle and too not present when you leave the small circle. I would also assume entering the bigger circle from outside of the big circle changes the arrivingAtLocation variable to the name of the location you are currently arriving at. When you leave the bigger circle I would think that changes the leavingLocation to the name of the place you just left…am I right on how these variables are used and how their values change? There is no clear documentation to say what exactly changes the presense, arrivingAtLocation, and leavingLocation variables with regard too geofence barriers.


I think you are over complicating it…

Reading the description when you enter the small circle of a location your status changes from not present to present (at Home, work, the store, etc) however in order to change the status to Not Present at a location you need to exit the large circle.

The small circle is for arriving at a location the large is for leaving a location.

The idea is that I could set the small circle to be only a bit bigger than my house (and perhaps part of the houses adjacent to mine)… but I could set the large circle to my neighborhood.

That way my presence only changes to present when I actually arrive at home however if I drive by my house on the main street near my neighborhood I don’t arrive… however if I am at home and decide I want to go on an evening walk in my neighborhood as long as I stay within the large circle my presence won’t change to “not present”


this. my setup is exactly the same way.


Don’t really know what you were trying to say? You didn’t address me question all, it seems all you wanted to do was to express how your usage of presence works and that is the best way to use it for everyone. I am not that worries about the “presence” variable, I am more worried about arrivingAtLocation and leavingLocation. For my setup I need to know I am arriving home before I am home for certain things to happen by the time I am home. Relying on the small blue circle to be right around my house is to small. I want know when I cross the larger circle, not that worries about the inner circle, the inner circle really isn’t that useful for my usage. I want to know when I cross the bigger circle from outside of the bigger circle and when I cross the bigger circle from inside the bigger circle. All I want to know is when exactly arrivingAtLocation and leavingLocation variables change with regard to the geofences.


Give this a whirl and you can figure out how it works. You can add current place as well if you want to see how it changes


So you can’t simply answer the question? That code makes no sense also. Are you basically saying you don’t know what arrivingAtPlace and leavingPlace are used for?


I’ve answered your question. Now I’m giving you an example piston that would show you how these variables are working.


From my test piston, I get an arrivingAtPlace event when I enter the large circle, and a leavingPlace event when I leave the inner circle. This is consistent with what @c1arkbar mentioned, several posts up.

I need to add more conditions to the piston to get more details, though … like entering the inner circle and leaving the outer one.


So is there a variable that changes value when you leave the large circle to show you left the large circle? When does the presence variable change, is it based on the small or large circle? I just want to know when I cross the larger circle. The inner circle is useless to me due to the delay of the reporting of the location.


For starters, your responses to people trying to help you are coming across a little harsh. Do you have a specific piston you are trying to use?
Maybe you should post in
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Sorry, I felt people weren’t really reading the question and just giving general answers. I did some testing on my own and I have noticed that it seems when I cross a geofence set in webcore that it reports as I am leaving and entering the geofence at the same time. Has anyone notice this. For example, in Smartthings my phone says I left home and in the same minute said I entered the larger circle was entered. Maybe I am using presence, arrivingAtPlace, and leavingPlace. For my purpose I use the larger circle to know when I arrive and leave a location. I am assuming the “presence” variable is based on the inner circle. Such that you are Present when you enter the small circle and Not Present when you leave the smaller circle. I am also assuming the leavingPlace and arrivingAtPlace are tied to the larger circle such that when you go outside of the larger circle the leavingPlace variable change to the name of the larger geofence you left and when you enter the larger circle from outside of the larger circle the arrivingAtPlace changes to the name of the larger circle you just entered. Is this correct? I just can’t find anything clear documentation saying when specific variables change values with regard to the webcore mobile presence sensor.