Automated Exterior Lights: Sunset To Sunrise


Per a user request to see basic automated sunset to sunrise lighting:
(Plus some extra stuff)


Thank you for.
this can I import this in?


Use the 4 digit code at the top and use the penultimate option.

When you do this the piston will open a window for you to put your devices in.


Thanks for the reply…

I am familiar with the import feature.:smile:
I get an error importing using the 4 digit code…something about error importing bin file…so i figures it was not shared any longer .


It is telling me the import feature is not yet available. What am I missing?


As said above, use the 4th option.
Restore option.


Lol. Sorry I thought the penultimate option was within the “import a piston function”. I know see you just meant the second to last option.


You got it. Hopefully the code is still valid if not I can repost if you wish.


Yep. I get an error importing as well.


Try this code.


Much Thanks ,
This one imported well.


I imported this for some lights and it worked great. When I try to do the same thing with another piston and set of lights I get the piston does not subscribe to any events error. Is there a reason it can only be ran one time?


Just to clarify… That is NOT an error…

Some of my best piston have this up top:

That being said, if you have a lightning bolt next to the “IF Time is between”, it will fire twice a day.


(If you have no lightning bolts in the left margin, then you have changed something in @bobbles code)


I see that the original post had a lot more going on. Was anyone able to use it?