Blank pistons from back up


I have been getting nonstop "There was a problem loading your devices. The data shown below may be outdated; please refresh the page and try again.” So a few nights ago, I backed up my WebCore pistons to a file and then uninstalled/deleted the Webcore App and the smartapps called; dashboard, pistons, storage. Then I installed them all again. When I imported the backup pistons from the file, it had all the names of the pistons but when I restored them, THEY ARE ALL BLANK INSIDE. So I lost almost 100 pistons that I created in Webcore! Did I do something wrong? Is there any way to get these back?
I expected to restore the backed-up pistons that I saved to a file, but they are all blank when restored.


Not sure this will solve your blank pistons but after you reinstalled the webcore smartapps… did you go into settings and select all the devices you want to use in webcore… then import the backed up pistons?


@jkp I did. I enabled them all under “Which actuators” and “Which sensors” BUT I did NOT select them under the 3 capability group. Then I restored the piston and it was blank. Restored another - that was blank. Went back and selected the devices under the 3 capability groups and tried again… nothing. Maybe I should delete/uninstall it again and try it again. I did give the webcore a different name than before - maybe that has something to do with it I dunno. But I’m gonna try to do it over again, keep the same name, select all the devices under “actuators”, “sensors”, and the 3 capability groups first, and see what happens.


I think this is the first report of a malfunctioning backup file. I would like to debug this with you if you don’t mind. I can either look up your backup codes if automatic backups were enabled or if you choose to you can send me the backup file via private message so that I can check whether the data is corrupted or some other error prevents the editor from loading your pistons.

Here is the process for recovering from the automatic remote backups. Let’s start here and then I can take a look at the backup file if you are comfortable sharing it.


@ipaterson So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but 1) It won’t let me send you a private message so I can give you the backup codes and my backup file.