Can I Have My webCoRE Instances Display Paused Pistons In-Line With The Rest?


For memory-related reasons, having Paused Pistons completely removed from the alphabetical order that I’ve created (in order to correlate with my entire ST system) is really unhelpful.

Is there a setting I can change somewhere that will make it so that my Paused Pistons display in-line in the same list with all of the other pistons (instead of down at the bottom of the list)?


Not that I know of…

Normally the only pistons that should be paused are pistons that are not in use.
(out of sight, out of mind)


Once again, that’s the problem with ‘should’. lol

How is it that there is such a narrow view of what one can use the paused piston state for?

In my case, I have pistons…

  1. …which I only use while testing, etc. While not testing the related things, or whatever, those pistons are paused.

…and others…

  1. …which I have temporarily ‘set aside’ when it comes time to change hardware around, etc.
    e.g. I recently changed over to using my Logitech Harmony Home Hub to turn on/off a night light, an evening light, and another light, instead of the smart outlets that used to serve those functions.

In both cases above, since the old versions of those pistons are still viable and valid, and since I may (and obviously, in some cases will) use them again (some frequently during certain periods), I’d prefer to keep them right there, alongside the other ones that relate to the same room of the house, etc.

Again, for me, there are memory issues involved, and yes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is actually a real thing for people in my situation. Having them paused but still in-line with the rest of them would help me keep track of them and know that they are there if/when I need them.

I can see two alternatives that I may end up going with if there is not going to be the possiblity of changing this particular setting…

  1. Backup/Restore
    The reason why this is not ideal is the fact that, every time I want to go use one, I’d have to go dig out the code, and all that.
    i.e. Instead of just flicking the pause/unpause switch.

  2. Duplicate Set of Dummy Pistons
    i.e. All of my pistons are named in an alphanumeric way that keeps them organized according to ‘Groups/Rooms’.
    I have a ‘dummy’ piston as the section header for each of the Groups/Rooms. This way, I can quickly and easily drill down to the Group/Room that I want to get to.

Well, I could just create a new batch of these dummy pistons and pause them all. That way, I’d have a duplicate structure way down there in the paused section of what I have up in the non-paused section.

I guess that just seems silly to me to have to do all of that when I could simply have them all held within the same single alphanumeric structure.

They are already dimmed (which sets them apart), and there is already the option to hide them completely for those that want that.


I do both of these… Plus pistons that I make for others, as well as pistons that are storing good code that I want easy access to.

Maybe rename the paused pistons so the name keeps them grouped next to similar pistons. (albeit, at the bottom)

I use many naming tricks to keep mine grouped the way I want for easy access

Have you experimented with the Category option yet? It works sooo well for organizational purposes.

Dashboard > Settings > Categories

You can make many categories here, and move them about in any order you wish.
(although paused pistons still move to the bottom)

I must admit though, your little trick to make fake categories down at the bottom is not a bad idea if you are adamant about their location.


Doh! Ya, that’s what I meant about the Categories (that’s what i use here in webCoRE). I think maybe it was in CoRE (and back in RuleMachine before it) where I used dummy items. lol

I think using paused pistons for the paused section is probably what i will do.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t have any better ideas for you…
Renaming has always been my solution to this.

For example, all my pistons for other people start with “Share”, all my testing pistons begin with “Test”, all my pistons for reference begin with “Ref”, and all my pistons that are complex, but no longer used begin with “Z”.

After the first word, I tend to name so it gets broken down even farther.
(user names for pistons that I share, or room names for personal pistons, etc)

Then finally, after those two sections, the rest of the name is a bit more specific

I guess, now that I think of it, my piston names are kind of like the folder hierarchy on my computer. Generic folder at the root, and more and more specific as the folder path deepens, with the final folder being very unique


I do exactly the same thing.

For me, it started in the ST app when I realized I needed some way of keeping related things near each other. Then I did same in RuleMachine, then CoRE, and then in webCoRE.

e.g. ab36_room/group_type-item-purpose-automation

ab = the first two characters (letters) represents the group/room (this puts it in the correct alphanumeric order overall)

12 = the next two characters (numbers) represents the type of device (e.g. smart outlet, water sensor, light bulb, etc) (This organizes it in numerical order within the list of devices for the room it is in)

group = The full name of the group (for quicker visual reference when spotting it in lists, logs, etc)

Type = The full name of the group (for quicker visual reference when spotting it in lists, logs, etc)

item = identifies which specific item of this type in the given room/group (i.e. I have multiple Hue lights in the same room, and this tells me if it’s the one by the door, or the on on top of the fridge, etc)

purpose = optional additional designation to clue me in to what it has to do with (e.g. i use whatever shorthand i can come up with e.g. to say it has to do with me, or somebody else, etc)

automation = what’s actually being done with this device/item (e.g. i use whatever shorthand i can come up with for…turn green between 3 & 4 pm, etc)

For my Pistons, I’ve also recently started adding yet another designation by prepending something to the name sort of like you described.