Can Webcore still execute functions after disconnecting ST?



I had Webcore attached to Smartthings for a few years and decided to move to Hubitat now that ST is scaling back their functionality. I deleted all of my lights and hubs from ST and unplugged my ST hub but for some reason a few of my pistons are still executing…I have 2 lights (both Caseta switches) that are still following certain Webcore pistons I had set. (I haven’t started setting up the Hubitat yet)

Anyone experience this before? I’m not really sure what’s causing this if I don’t even have a ST hub any more. Are the pistons executing from the Lutron hub somehow? I can delete all the pistons so it stops happening but I wanted to figure out what the underlying cause is so that it doesn’t interfere with my functionality once I install the Hubitat.

Thanks in advance


The pistons will still be running in the SmartThings cloud as they always have done. All a SmartThings Hub has ever done with webCoRE is handle the communication with hub connected devices and it has no part to play with Lutron which is a cloud to cloud integration.


You can remove the integration to ST from within the Lutron Caseta app.

ST is going to remove the groovy code which will include webcore and your pistons by December 31, 2022 or shortly thereafter so you don’t need to remove them if that helps :slight_smile: