Cannot figure out outside temperture


1) Give a description of the problem
Whenever try to set a dynamic variable named “outsidetemp” and put in the expression: $twcweather.conditions.temperature. I get "Variable ‘$twcweather.conditions.temperature’ not found

2) What is the expected behaviour?
I am expecting to see the outside temperature in the express


That is the correct expression


I am curious… Do any $twcweather expressions work for you in the bottom console?



Doesn’t look like it. I have webcore installed on my Hubitat C7.



I only get null when I querry $twcweather…
My question/suggestion was to test a few full expressions from that list. IE:


I shifted this topic to the Hubitat category for better exposure.


As of April last year…


Well ■■■■! Is there any other way to figure out temperature at 5AM?


Do you have a SmartThings hub?


Nope I sold it to get the Hubitat hub


Do you have a device outside that has a temperature sensor on it?
(or a device you could move outside?)


I do not unfortunately


Hmmm… Do you have an API key to any weather station?




There used to be a few good free Weather APIs… (Wunderground, or Dark Sky come to mind)
…but I do not know of any at the moment. (they all want your money)

Maybe someone else can recommend a decent free one?

Pro Tip:

If your coding skills are good, you could always try using webCoRE to parse “localweather.htm” (stripping out the temperature) … but that is not an easy task on most websites.


If i were to get a weather API what would be my next steps?


Use webCoRE to make a query to that site using the provided key.


Make a GET request to {url}
Log to console = $response


OpenWeatherMap has a free tier that might work for you…

It’s quite limited, but I just tested the current temp with success:


You could enclose that logic inside a “Every day at 5am” block…


What am I doing wrong here?


It might not be you…
It took about 30 min (after email confirmation) for my new API key to actually be activated.
(the email says it may take a few hours)

Second, I cannot see all of your URL, but there are many different formats to go with.
I picked this one at random:

If you want to test outside of webCoRE, you can play with the URLs in a normal web browser.


Got it awesome thank you, now I gotta figure out to how put this only on Wednesdays at 5AM and turn on an outlet if it is less than 32 degrees


I’d probably surround it by an “EVERY” block, and add an IF condition inside.
Something like this:

Note: I increase to < 34 since that temp is an approximation…
(I don’t want your pipes to freeze based on my code, :grin:)