Cant install WebCORE Smartthings new app or classic


WebCORE stopped working today on all of my pistons, kept showing “There was a problem loading the dashboard data” error, followed steps, logged out, changed password. Deleted WebCORE app from new Smartthings app not realizing that it would delete from classic app also.
I have tried to install WebCORE again ,in the new Smartthings app I get “Something went wrong, Please try to install the SmartApp again” error. Any help would be appreciated as to why the app will not install.


ok, there is a quick edit you can make to the webcore smartapp in IDE to get it working… edit line 950 and place // at the beginning of the line, save and publish for me.

new app install instructions…


Followed those and thats when I keep getting that error. Wont allow me to install


let’s start at the beginning… did you remove the instance in the app or code in IDE?

try signing out of the new app and sign back in… then try to add new instance. You can also just install it from the classic app… it still works… even with all the banners saying to use the new app.


I deleted WebCORE (instance) from Smartthings by mistake in the new app. Now it wont let me install in the new app.


I also deleted WebCORE, piston, dashboard and storage from IDE. Reloaded again in IDE and published thinking that the code could have been corrupted. This is before I found that my issues of webcore not working seem to be global.


Funny now that I have deleted line 950 from IDE, I can now install webcore in Smartthings new app. I have searched and seen that some say its possible to get my pistons back but I dont see that I have a backup code anywhere.


JKP…do you know of anyway to get my pistons back from backup code?


you will need to PM @ipaterson


Thank you sir, I will do that. Appreciate all the help, who would have thought that it would take getting rid of line 950 just to install the app again.


Same thing happened with me and deleted line 950, I am able to install but don’t know about backup.