Can't Restore Piston with Backup Code


While trying to troubleshoot my mobile presence, on the not so intuitive new Smartthings app, I accidentally deleted my Location which wiped out EVERYTHING!. I’ve re-setup the app, re-add all devices, and a new instance of webCoRE.

Understandably, when I try to restore a piston with a backup code I receive an error (from webCoRE’s POV, I’m now a different user). Just wondering if it is at all possible to restore my pistons or am I just doomed to restart from scratch??


Restoring a green backup code should work for any account…
(unless the piston is corrupted, which occasionally happens)
You could test a green code from a different piston to test this.

On the other hand, a red backup code should only work on the original account, I believe.


This is correct, but in this case it’s not clear whether the account has changed. If you are still logging in with the same Samsung account the pistons should be restorable even if the instance was wiped out. If the Samsung account has also changed then the backup codes cannot be decrypted. Please try this to see if we can help:


Thanks for the reply. Not sure how to determine whether a backup code is green or red though, so cannot say what my codes are in this case.

  • The green import code appears when pushing the green camera… (and changes each time)
  • The red import code appears when pushing the red camera… (and stays the same)


Note: The red import code is also found hidden underneath the “TV static” image, seen below:


If you have an unknown import code written down, you can try to import it.

  • If it imports successfully, it was a green code.
  • If it fails to import, it was a red code, or a corrupted piston


It is very possible for the import to work, yet the piston fails to execute…
(but that is an entirely different question)


Thanks again. Maybe all my pistons were corrupted. Think the error message mentioned something of the sort. However, unable to retry to get the exact message at this time.


Got webCoRE running again and tried to restore piston to see exact error message. Message simply states “Sorry, an error occurred while importing the backup bin”


Thanks for the reply. I am a new user to the forum and unable to send private messages. Please advise.