Command Siri to execute SmartThings pistons


Create a piston like bellow and find the link to it, by clicking the “External URL: (click to open/execute)”:

Go to iOS app called Shortcuts. Create a shortcut like bellow:


Brand new to webcore and I have a newb question

That’s awesome.


I like this, but I don’t Like how Siri wants me to unlock my iPhone first. That’s a pain. Kind of defeats the purpose of making a shortcut if I have to do more work. Any ideas?


1 Go in to settings
2 Scroll down to Siri & Search
3 Enabled Allow Siri When Unlocked


I don’t have that option


The complete answer is Siri & Search > Shortcuts > Allow on Lock Screen.
But it will not work anyway, because iOS sucks.

Instead iOS + Siri + Shortcuts try Android + Google Home + AutomateIt .


@daniionescubrasov This is how I’d originally done my Siri Shortcuts as well by using the external URL, but what I’ve since done is switched over to using the IFTTT URL that’s given if you use the virtual device of IFTTT as a trigger in your if statements. @Ryan780 can probably explain it better than I can, but this way the URL can act as a trigger. It definitely has worked out even better for me. The Shortcuts part all remains the same.

Here’s my original post on the matter.

Siri Shortcuts with webCoRE


Also I found out instead of Open URLs, using Get Contents Of URL will process the request in the background without opening Safari.