Communities' suggestions/reviews on presense sensing


I wanted to start a thread where we present what we are using for presence sensors, our thoughts, reviews, falses, successes, and etc.

Please use the below template to help tailor things. Also feel free to suggest additions to the template to better serve the community.

(if phone, what os, version, and any addition tricks you get to have)

How Many:

Success Rate:


(Screenshots of any pistons you want to present as examples of what you could do)

Webcore Presence by Ady624



Have you noticed the Webcore app thread with regards to that app being dev’d to provide a more robust presence scheme?

I also use multifactor presence - along the lines of what you refer to in your other thread - My Phone (ST App) must become present and then my ST physical presence sensor in my car must become present (both after at least 6 minutes of being away) for my house to change to home status and open up the garage door and unlock the door. I won’t have it doing this without these extra steps.

Sometimes it does fail because the physical presence sensor doesn’t register in time upon arrival and I don’t want to wait for it to do so, so I push the button on minimote to kick start it.

I think the new webcore app has the potential to help solve some of these challenges…


No I haven’t but that sounds awesome! I would easily be a happy candidate for such testing. Also could you link that thread for addition to the top post. I feel it might help others :slight_smile:

Also could you present a screenshot of your piston for example, I’m thinking of hopping away from my methods and trying that out instead. Do you have android or apple for your phone? Also what minimote?


I think you found the thread:

Here’s a snippet of the piston I currently use… will use webcore app to enhance this when it comes out…


Yep, I was scouring the community for it. I love the idea.


iPhone only for presence here. Presence is not critical for me though, no doors opening or unlocking automatically, but I do use it to enable/disable notifications. I have a ST arrival sensor in a car but have not found it useful enough to justify replacing the battery. It will probably end up in a backpack when kids start school.

The geolocation can wander terribly while I’m home so I combined the SmartThings presence with Host Pinger which runs on an always-on PC to check whether my phone is connected to wifi.

Combining these two works acceptably well for me but since the phone is not always connected to wifi there is a necessary delay before considering a wireless device away (HostPinger handles this). That means with my current setup I cannot have a very accurate departure time since HostPinger waits about 8 minutes before declaring me away.

I think there are better options with Android’s Tasker but I’m eagerly awaiting the webCoRE app!


Right now I am testing out the tasker/sharptools/autolocation method. It works ~ 90% of the time and so far I’ve only had one failure.


Has anyone figured out a way to use Automatic as a presence sensor? I have one in my car and thinking I could use that + iPhone App for a bit more assurance…

Not exactly sure how I could pull it off … but currently using IFTTT and Stringify to do different actions based on if the car is coming or going (lights, garage, etc…)

So… could I have IFTTT set a virtual ‘presence switch’ when my Car arrives to “John’s Home” or something that I could use as presence?

Sorry for the stream of consciousness … hanging out having a beer reading forums … :beers:


That’s a really good idea. Looks like there is IFTTT support for Automatic and there is webCoRE support for IFTTT so you should be good to go. I wish there was IFTTT support for ZUS as that could also be used as a presence sensor.


Hell, if IFTTT or Stringify had access for my Volvo natively I would not need the Automatic :slight_smile:

I havent seen WebCORE supoort for IFTTT … where is that, perhaps I can remove a round trip from IFTTT->ST->WebCore if I can get a trigger from IFTTT/Stringify direct to WebCore

need to have more :coffee: before I start thinking this through


What operating system is your phone on? I’m finding I’m having issues with the app showing me home. I also find that the ST arrival sensor has a bit of a lag to it as well for showing the car home. What tips/settings do you have to get it set?


Set up Maker Webhooks in your IFTTT, which will give you a URL to plug into the WC dashboard settings. You can trigger IFTTT from webCoRE or you could use the external URL for a piston to trigger WC from IFTTT.

Oh and any url params will be passed into $args so your request to trigger the piston might look something like then you can use $args.johns_bmw and $args.johns_harley in your piston.