Deleted webcore app on phone, lost webcore account!


Hi, I mistakenly deleted the webcore app (within smartthings) on my phone. When I reinstalled webcore-- I got to an empty dashboard. Did I lose all my work?




Do you happen to have a screenshot or backup code from any of your pistons?


Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have any of the backup codes. I am able to get to the dashboard, but when I try to get to the individual piston or try to backup the pistons webcore seems to hang (former) or give an error (latte).



Following up in a PM, I think that I can help you even though the pistons will not load.


Hi Ian,

The only account id I was able to get was:

On the web browser that had the old account, I had added the new instance, and it seems to be confused as it returns the same account id regardless of which instance is selected. On this web browser, I see the ability to move pistions (and I see the original pistons listed there), but get an error when I try to move them.



Thanks for the account ID, I’ll see what I can find. I edited your reply to remove the ID and will follow up in the private message.


I also ran into this same issue. I had multiple webcores on my phone and uninstalled the wrong one and lost all my pistons. Are they recoverable?


If your pistons were set to back up you may be able to restore them from the backup codes, but I can only look up your backup codes if you still have a browser signed in to this dashboard. The dashboard won’t be able to pull any data from SmartThings but some helpful data will still be cached in your browser. I sent a PM with next steps.