Deleted wrong instance - any way to recover


Ive just deleted my an instance by mistake, and lost all of my pistons. I cant see them on the smart apps. Is there anyway to recover them please. Thanks, TB

Issue with connecting webcore to smartthings

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Sounds like you may need to setup a new instance of webCoRE first in the mobile app, then follow these instructions:


Superb - Thank you @ipaterson @jkp for your assistance


Hi, I have deleted my account, pistons and my two instance of webcore …
Today I have the new account, new two instance in webcore (but different name) can you restore my old piston ?
I have one old backup of one instance, can be used for locate the piston ?
Thanks and I know, I’m an idiot …


Unfortunately pistons cannot be restored to a different Samsung account unless you downloaded a backup file from the dashboard before deleting everything.


Hello, I accidentally deleted my webcore instance from SmartThings, and now I cannot see any of my pistons. Is it possible to help me restore?


Yes, please create two new pistons in webCoRE and send me the private backup codes in a PM. With two private backup codes I can look up the lost pistons.