Did the webcore forum change to a smaller font size?


Wow! I almost need glasses to read the forum now with the change to a very small font size


Still looks the same to me.


Odd, no matter what browser I try, I am seeing the same issue. But the ST and Hubitat forums are fine.


I tried it with another browser and it’s the same look.


Darn you! LOL :laughing:


Maybe someone moved your chair further from your screen. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I am having a hard time reading what you wrote ha ha


FYI… changing to mobile view restored the font size. Guess I can live with mobile instead of desktop view


same size here…


Desktop view or mobile view?


Easy solution would be to hold down the CTRL button, and scroll your mouse wheel up a bit. This will change the font size on this forum only, and most browsers will remember this between sessions.

With the forum loaded, Ctrl-Zero should “reset” the font size in most browsers


Desktop… I 've never used mobile forum…