{Done + Next + Cancel + Cancel + Discard + Back = Save} LOL


[Just because I think it’s an amusing, endearing trait of the mechanisms]

If you know this one, raise your hand. :raising_hand_man:


There does seem to be a particularly odd flow in the app. The save actually happens before that sequence but it isn’t obvious.

What is also annoying is that you end up at the app SmartApp menu instead of the webCoRE Settings menu.

And don’t start me on that unforgiving Done button while you are in the Dashboard.


Ya, I could see that it was actually saving it before all of that, but it’s just so interesting that, other than completely closing the mobile app, and reopening it again, that formula in the title is the simplest, quickest, official pathway for getting back out of that area of settings for this particular SmartApp.


It is particularly interesting when you choose to Discard when using the web portal/app …




Yes, the next few seconds are a bit tense when you first see that.

Just for clarity, no it hasn’t just deleted webCoRE.


I hadn’t even noticed that I could get to SmartApps from within that interface yet.