Edit Pistons on iOS? (iPhone/iPad)


Is there any way to edit pistons from an iOS device? Whenever I try on my iPhone or iPad it seems to give me a limited/view only mode…there is no edit button?

Also I found there is a WebCoRE iOS app on the App Store for $2.99. Does anyone know if this app can edit pistons or is it only for adding presence tracking?




yes, I access it all the time using Safari on my iPad. It works fine and all the buttons are available.

yes, you also have access to your dashboard through the app and can manage your pistons.


Most tools are behind a dropdown menu on mobile:

It’s the same thing you’ll see at dashboard.webcore.co in your mobile browser but also functions as a presence device so that you can set up geofences. No need to buy it just to edit pistons.



Wow! I didn’t realize it was hidden away in that drop down menu. I found it now and was able to edit!