Ended up with two verrsions of Webcore Smart App on new Smartthings app


I upgraded to the latest webcore version (v0.3.3113) and ended up adding a new instance of the webcore app on my iPhone SmartThings app (the new one that sucks). I had forgotten to publish all four smart apps… anyway… before I screw things up, can I simply delete that new instance of Webcore from the iPhone? It gives a big warning about losing everything, I assume that is just for that instance? i.e. It will not affect the other instance of Webcore that is working?

Is there an authoritative answer on this because it would be disaster otherwise :slight_smile:


Just log out of the one you don’t want.


Thanks but do you mean “Uninstall” … I think it’s safe but just want to be sure that it doesn’t affect any other working Webcore instance on the iphone.