Error: = character not at end of base64 value


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for the second time in less than a week, I’ve got the “sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data”
When going to hubitat apps and webcore, it shows Error: = character not at end of base64 value

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I cant open, pause, delete

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I cant open

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Error: = character not at end of base64 value



Exact same issue here… seems to have happened after the last WebCore update via Hubitat Package Manager. I have had several pistons do this. If I open a piston, edit it and then save it, I get the “sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data”. in the hubitat log, i get the Error: = character not at end of base64 value on line 1228 (method get) (method pageClearAll) (method updated)


Yes, it happened after I edited…
I’m afraid to edit some of my pistons… and I need to change because I just moved to a new house.
How can we tag ot get in touch with the developer or someone that can check and fix this issue?


Maybe @E_Sch can help figure it out.


I have the same issue, had to delete a piston through Hubitat and recreate it.


Yes, I did the same. But it will suck if it happens to a more complex or longer piston


Hi, @Bdobrescu
Would you be able to help us out?


I tried to run a “repair” on HPM, and it gave me this message:


I have rolled back an edit in the piston source file

Please do an HPM repair on webcore

I have not seen this issue myself in testing or recent attempts to reproduce. I’m wondering if a compiler or specific HE platform difference. I have attempted reproduction on C4 and C8.

let me know the results.


what i have found to be a workaround, if i knowingly need to edit any piston of my 300+ for the time being, if i pause the piston, and then duplicate it to a new name … like old name + ver 2, it has worked. i can open the new piston, edit and save it without issues. it is just a workaround for now. once i do this, i will clear all data and logs via the webcore hubitat app and “remove” it from the hubitat screen.


i have done the repair on three of my 4 hubs. with one hub, two pistons I paused and kept that were typical of having this error issue. i edited one of the pistons, removed the lines of code that has been typical with similar pistons that gave me the errors being discussed, saved it, and no errors!! this was done on the C8 platform. with the other two hubs, one is a C7 and one is a C8. I have had this issue on both of them. my 4th hub, a C8, the HPM repair is giving me the “Fatal error occurred, rolling back”. i was sure to log out of all instances of webcore, even did a reboot and still received the Fatal error occurred, rolling back.


I’m not sure on the fatal error part.

You might want to do

  • reboot (like you did)
  • wait a few mins
  • manually update the webcore piston file


Thanks, Those are the steps I usually take with that particular hub (it has happened before). it manually updates without issue. Pistons all seem to have edit without error functionality back and are saving without issue now. The main “character not at end of base64 value” issue appears to be resolved, many thanks.


You may want to bring this up in the Hubitat community, as more folks may provide additional datapoints that could otherwise narrow down the problem.


I’m still having the same error as mentioned above Error: = character not at end of base64 value

I’m afraid to keep trying and then mess with more pistons


I can’t even pause it. The only thing I can do is delete the piston through hubitat


if you have a hub backup before the issue, you can roll your hub to this earlier backup before the issue, then re-apply the hpm repair to webcore.


They just released an update which mentions the issue

But it gives me an error when I try to update