Exploring integration with my CRM


Sorry, not sure which category this discussion would fall under.
Hi there,
I am exploring the idea (don’t think it is possible yet) to link my studio management system to Smarthings but not 100% sure of the flow.
1st of all I am not 100% sure if it is possible within Smartthings or WebCore to create events for example “Nov 4th @ 11am set Studio AC to 72f”.
The next question is I would need SmartThings or WebCore to be integrated with Zapier (see zapier.com). Currently, Phillips Hue is available within Zapier so I am sure it is possible, just not 100% sure if this would need to be a SmartThings or a WebCore integration.
So assuming WebCore can handle date/time events and the WebCore developers would be willing to integrate with Zapier my scenario would be as follows:
In my studio management system I book a client for a studio photoshoot Nov 4th 2019 @11am, in Zapier I create a “Zap” between my CRM & WebCore that would create an event in Webcore -1 hour to switch on the AC in the studio i.e. Nov 4th @ 10am.
Could this be possible or am I barking up the wrong tree?



I think I have more questions than answers at this time… lol. Is your AC connected to ST, if it is, can webcore see it? Next is the CRM, how does it work, can it make webcalls? I’m assuming it does if you can link it with zapier?


When a Webcore minion is around, I don’t interfere:)))))) (nooby here:))
I’m just going to say,

I barely use ST app but Webcore is just amazing.
Yes it’s possible, without any problems. You can schedule things for future times in your piston and
I assume by using variables you can schedule things, change schedules etc with your calendar and/or phone.

I have a similar setup with my ACs (not central cooling it’s just wall units)
and I found this on amazon (more similar items avail)

And this is piston I use (you can change it around for spesific dates etc)
I haven’t tried it with zap and/or CRM etc but you can always find workarounds.