External URL for tile?


I am able to pull a webcore presence into ActionTiles by using a piston to POST the presence to a server side script. The script grabs the status from various variables and stores it in a mySQL database. In ActionTiles I just create a media tile with a URL pointing to a script on my web server that pulls the status from the DB adds it to the profile pic and then spits out a PNG in real time that ActionTiles can read and display.

Here’s how my Action Tiles panel looks:

Here’s the link to another post on here I created in regards to the piston that does it all.

Using this approach you can pretty much interface with anything on WebCore, not just for presence stuff.

I was planning releasing this publicly to the community but with the current unreliable state of WebCore presence I’m holding off for the time being. Hopefully webCoRE app will get fixed soon.


So if I wanted to do a countdown timer in webore of days until vacation and post that tile on my ActionTiles, could I do it this way? Currently, I am using a work-around for this but ActionTiles adds script at the bottom of my tile…

Can I automatically (with webcore) pull an image from my google account daily, edit it, and post that on my ActionTiles without the “illum (lx)” ?


The only way I’ve found to get external data like that (without repurposing a tile) is to use a media tile with shields.io. This thread has a ton of details and examples (and it ain’t all pretty!): https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/2707-live-traffic-travel-time-tile-image-from-query-text-using-shieldsio


can you tell me how you got the photos in the tiles. I have my photos stored on my web server and I’m using the following url but it’s not pulling the photo into the tile:



If you are referring to getting pics into ActionTiles, it has nothing to do with webCoRE.

I would try searching on their forum.


No, I was referring to pulling the photo into the presence tile like you have for “Dad, Megan, and Ryile”

I am getting the tile with the colored ring but my photo does not come into the circle.


My apologies… Just to clarify:

  • That screenshot is ActionTiles, not webCoRE.
  • The complexity is with the server script, not webCoRE…

In this example, the only thing that webCoRE does is to send a one line command to the server to execute the script.

To say this another way, the “brains” behind this is in the server script, and the final images are displayed via ActionTiles.

Searching on the appropriate forum is likely the best place to get answers.