External URL variable


Hi everyone
Can we parse in webcore the parameters added to the external url call ?
For example param1 and param2 from that example: http://external_url_from_piston?param1=a&param2=1
Thank you


$args.param1 etc.


That’s correct ! Did i miss that in the documentation somewhere ?
Thank you for your help !


I am not sure, there’s a good chance it is not.


Can one of you show an example piston of using the query param? That would be really helpful for my piston. I can’t seem to get the syntax right to grab the query string value from the external URL. Thanks a ton!


use: https://<your_external_url>:?task=EchoSpeakGuestBedroom&level=40&text=hello


Sweet! Thanks for the info. It all makes sense now.