Feature Request? Import Piston From Text File?


Webcore does a great job of making pistons easy to use for those unfamiliar with syntax so I suspect this might be outside of the intended scope\vision for webcore. But are there any road map plans to allow code to be written externally and then imported into the web editor? Maybe in such a way that places the ease of use burden on those that are more editor\syntax capable.

I’ve got a lengthy piston for managing the thermostat and it’s becoming difficult to navigate. I’ve found over time that I needed additional conditions (and expect this to grow) and ideally they would be located near\next to the conditions as they generally relate from AM to PM. I’ve considered re-writing it as new piston, but I suspect I will identify other helpful tweaks over time. Without getting into details, I’m using a 5-2 schedule, but have added presence, outside temperature knowledge, and some various sensor inputs to detect wake up and bed time. I live in an area where both heat and cooling are sometimes required in the same day. And depending on the extremeness of the external temps, the time of an adjustment may need to be earlier.

I could certainly move this into a smart app instead, but I’ve liked having everything in webcore. I’m an ST user, but I have a hubitat and suspect I could very well go that direction if Samsung can’t seem to find a consistent direction for smartthings or if hubitat catches up in a few areas.



Sorry but it won’t be possible with the groovy version of webCoRE. The code that you see is just a display layer over incredibly terse data (i.e. heavily nested objects with mostly one letter keys and raw device IDs). That data is serialized to JSON for the backup files and the chunks stored in your smart apps, but it’s not something a human could edit safely.