Find Lost Pistons?



I only have the new pistons I created to give the backup codes to @ipaterson.

That is the issue all my previous pistons are gone. I did have backup on all pistons but Webcore looks like it deregistered my Webcore instance.


Hello, I have just accidentally wiped years worth of work on webcore for smartthings. I deleted the App but did not realise the data goes also.

I have auto backup turned on for all my Piston. I did not save the codes for the last 2 years worth of work but they also had auto backup enabled.

I read that you @ipaterson helped someone by asking them for a backup code and name of a piston and that it could be located on the server end. Is this still possible.

Kindest Regards



Absolutely, I followed up by private message.


Thanks very much for this, I have followed up by private message.