Forum HTML Tags and Formatting


Note - This thread was started because @RobinWinbourne and I went off topic on the below thread:

How did you highlight the text here in the forums??

Fibaro Switches DTH differentiating between Physical & Programmatic interactions
Fibaro Switches DTH differentiating between Physical & Programmatic interactions

Feel free to add it lol

<ins>(This is a condition)</ins>



Thanks! Can we pick other colors? hehe


No… the forum blocks most HTML script… ‘ins’ is one of the few that work.

You can also add headings using:

Heading 1

<H1>Heading 1</H1>

Heading 2

<H2>Heading 1</H2>

Heading 3

<H3>Heading 3</H3>

Heading 4

<H4>Heading 4</H4>

Or combine them


Very cool. For some reason, I thought most browsers displayed <ins> as underlined text. I didn’t know about the highlighting…


Few others actually:

This text is small


This text is deleted


This text is subscript

This text is <sub>subscript</sub>

This text is superscript

This text is <sup>superscript</sup>
But the following are examples of what does not work:


<font face="calibri">

<font color="#FF8C00">

<marquee behavior="alternate">


I love it! I have been writing webpages for over 20 years, but haven’t thought to try any code here on the forums.

Is there a webpage that lists the acceptable html code that works in this forum?


Not specific to the forum, but this is a handy reference:


I’m in a box lol
<kbd>I'm in a box lol</kbd>

I’m a link to Google
[I'm a link to Google](

I convert UTC to your location time, and click on me to see other location times (i think this is how it works anyway???)
The world will end 28 Jun 2019 07:00
But I’ll make a new one 29 Jun 2019 14:00
[date=2019-06-28 time=07:00 format=“DD MMM YYYY HH:mm” timezones=“America/New_York”,]
[date=2019-06-29 time=14:00 format=“DD MMM YYYY HH:mm” timezones=“Europe/Paris”,]


# <kbd><ins><large><b>I'M MAKING A BIG STATEMENT


I like the keyboard one!!!

How did you get yellow as the background of your post?!?


Yellow background is for forum admins only… haha


Ok ok, I can take a hint, LOL


It’s genuinely an admin feature of discourse… not HTML trickery like the others: