Forum Search Box Borked?



If I search for something such as “IFTTT” in the search bar it just “spins” and never actually returns anything…


Same happened to me earlier this week.


Mine has been like this for a while too.
@webCoRE_Minions, whichever of you moved the search bar from the icon to header, it hasn’t worked since and I can’t find any setting causing this.


That plugin seems to be outdated, someone with access to the server should try installing the latest from here.

Meanwhile, I patched Discourse to fix the search until the plugin can be updated. You will need to refresh the page but searching should work again.

Discourse iOS App API Error

@JohnHoke, does the search fix work?


Yessir … I’m all good with searching-goodness on the forum

Now if I can remember what I was looking for in my singlemalt fueled coding last night … apparently something with IFTTT LOL

Thanks for the quick fix :coffee: