GE/Jasco ZigBee switch "on" trigger question


Maybe I am missing something here, but how do you read an “on” event trigger on a simple GE/Jasco on/off wall switch? Seems like you can see if it is “on”, if it changes to “on”, if it was “on”, if it stays “on”, and all the corresponding "off"s, but not the trigger itself unless it was previously in an “off” state. I just want to know if “on” was pressed, even if it currently is “on”, is this possible?

I would like to be able to use subsequent pushes of the switch to advance to a next scene. I know this switch is not capable of sending double click or hold events, but I would think it would send an “on” event for “on” regardless of current state, no?


If it’s one of those plain switches with no added features that can detect double taps etc, then I doubt there’s much webcore can do to react to physical on when the switch is already on. WebCoRE depends on the driver to tell it what the device can do.


Specifically the switch I’m referring to is the Jasco/GE 45856 power monitoring switch. While I guess it wouldn’t surprise me that it’s too dumb to send a status message that it’s been pushed, though it would almost seem to me to actually be more complicated to not do so, and only send a code on state change, especially considering it is smart enough to monitor power, seeming to indicate that it has a bit more “smarts” then Jasco’s own GE/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches that do not do monitoring and, from what I understand not only register all button pushes, but double tap, hold and tap hold as well, but do not monitor power, though this may be a capability provided by an alternate DH from the stock ST integration. Both of these switches also use the same multi-way add-on switches, not that that really means much, but does indicate some family similarities to how they’re made. Perhaps someone has one of the Jasco/GE/Honeywell (GE 14291, Honeywell 39354) Z-Wave switches using the stock DH in ST, and tell me if the conditions are similarly limited to on-to-off and off-to-on state changes.


99% of devices identify when there are changes to the switch.
Very few devices recognize ‘on’ changing to ‘on’.