Gmail - IFTTT integration to end on March 31, 2019


On March 31st, Google is implementing changes to their API ecosystem that will impact the Gmail service on IFTTT.

Unfortunately, this change means that all Gmail triggers and the Create a draft action will be removed from IFTTT. The Gmail actions Send an email and Send yourself an email will remain intact. Please sign in to view which of your Gmail Applets will be affected.

We’ve long had a good relationship with Google and we support their efforts to improve privacy and security, though we understand this change may be a disappointment to the communities that use these Applets. We look forward to working with Google in the future to bring new, sustainable services to IFTTT in ways that empower everyone to benefit from and control their data.

Thanks for your understanding.

The IFTTT Team

This is what Google sent out…

" Although you don’t need to take any action, we wanted to let you know that the following third-party apps will no longer be able to access some data in your Google Account, including your Gmail content. This change will go into effect starting March 31, 2019.


We are making this change as part of ongoing efforts to make sure your data is protected and private."

Send Email stopped working

Thankfully, us Android users can use Tasker to create Gmail triggers…


According to Google, IFTTT hasn’t
“yet complied with our updated data privacy requirements announced on October 8, 2018.”

Which makes me think it is a repairable relationship.


Has anyone come up with an alternative? I have a separate GMAIL account that I use to integrate Web core with a lot of services by webhooks to active pistons when I get certain emails. (example a piston to announce “package delivery” when I get a package delivery from USPS.) My real alarm system won’t talk to smart things so I have to have it send emails to my Gmail account and then use web hooks to activate pistons to relay information.

Are there any apps or how to’s out there that can do the same thing or similar?


I use Tasker on Android to do exactly this. It monitors my Gmail, and looks for messages from certain people and/or certain subject lines. When one arrives, it can alert me via voice or sound effect on Alexa, send a command directly to my PC, or execute a specific piston here in webCoRE. (typical time from the email being received until the final action taking place is under two seconds)


I’m a fan of Integromat. It’s a lot more powerful than ifttt but has fewer integrations. I have several automations running off Gmail queries in Integromat and they always work flawlessly.


If you have a pi running already you can also experiment with node red and email flow.