Groovy deprecation (end of webCoRE) on ST plaform - December 31, 2022


Platform Transition FAQ:


Sucks that webcore was never adapted to the new ST platform. I’m curious how many active webcore users are still on SmartThings? A lot of them may have moved to Hubitat.


I’m still on ST… for now. Already ordered a Home Assistant Yellow and planning on making the move - but looks like Webcore will probably shut down before I have the chance to do so :disappointed:


Back up your piston codes in case you find yourself on the Hubitat platform :slight_smile:


I found myself on the Hubitat platform about two hours ago. Hub is setup, Webcore is installed and one piston is up and running. Only 48 more to go. :flushed:


Just make sure to take a look at the Zwave device table each time you add a new Z-Wave device. Make sure the route column is filled in before you proceed in pairing others because if you leave any device with no route that would result in ghost devices. That can wreck havoc in your mesh.

Also, if you haven’t updated yet, there’s a Zwave firmware update that you may want to apply before you proceed with migration. You can easily find it with search if you haven’t done it.


Any solution to be able to keep webcore after that date ? Any plan ?

My whole house is on webcore, since It’s much easier to centralize the automation and we can do so much more than with the routine on smartthings

What are our options ??
Freaking out :smiley:


If you’re a smartthings user I would do the following:

  1. Move what you can to Routines in the mobile app
  2. For more advanced automations, rule engine might be able to handle it


the only option to continue using webcore is to switch to hubitat


Same here, the whole house is on webcore.

I just started migrating everything to Hubitat, and it’s really incredibly easy to transfer everything over. Plus every automation is now incredibly fast. And I was able to include a few devices (Google Nest battery doorbell!! Yay!!) that were not supported on SmartThings. And gained back functionality (Hue scene control!! Hue groups control!!) that had broken on SmartThings.

55 Pistons transferred so far, a bunch more to go. Should have done this years ago.


I on smartthing still, but have hubitat since two years ago with webcore, now i sm migrating all.


I added a Hubitat C7 about 2 years ago and began the process of moving devices and WebCoRE Pistons. The only piston remaining on the SmartThings platform is one that refreshes a Weather Tile that I use for Action Tiles based Panels around the house for Security and Automation. Would love to hear about a simple Hubitat based Weather Tile that can be displayed by Action Tiles.

I could not be happier that I made the switch to Hubitat. I also use Lutron Casita Lighting for the house and the Hubitat Integration is Flawless. Add the power of WebCoRE and I am good to go.

Now just pray and cross fingers that WebCoRE, Hubitat, and Action Tiles are in this for the Long Haul.



Hey folks, since this will be a popular thread with the email sent out today I wanted to take an opportunity to remind you to back up your pistons to a backup file using the Back Up Pistons menu item on the dashboard.

Do not rely on automatic backup bin codes, they are not portable to a different platform

Private backup codes are not transferrable to a different platform like Hubitat. The piston data is encrypted based on your SmartThings account ID; even if you keep a list of the backup codes they will not import to any other account or platform and the data cannot be recovered. A backup file is the only way to keep your pistons after the Groovy platform is shut down.

Public codes will continue to work on other platforms if ady624 keeps the servers running.


Should those of us on Hubitat be prepared to host our own server for the UI (html/js/css files)? It has always been an option but one I had yet to complete. Just curious if it will be necessary in the near future.


:man_shrugging: I don’t know but it’s not a great idea for Hubitat to continue to rely on the webCoRE API and dashboard servers. Maybe someone trustworthy will host and maintain a public copy of the dashboard to avoid requiring everyone to set up their own servers for what is just a few static files and some domain routing.




Hi @ipaterson,

I haven’t really been staying up to date on the SmartThings progress, so was surprised when I got the email yesterday. And I’m really disappointed that webCoRE can’t be used, as it is so much more powerful than any routines I’ve previously tried to build.

I’ve been backing up my pistons ever since I lost them all a few months back and they weren’t recoverable, so had to replace them all manually. Is there a way to back them up in plain text to load into a text editor so that I can see the code when I go about trying to replace them with routines which is what it sounds like I will have to do? I mean, other than taking the snapshot and looking at the saved PNG file?



Not in bulk but you can grab the screenshots and use the Copy Piston to get a version of the text. There may be other topics dedicated to this but some users have automated the process.