Harmony Hub Piston Design


I’m not sure. Its via the tasker harmony plug in that jao made.


I can’t get the smartthings app to load on this old fire tablet or auto notify


Ah yes, then that proprietary code will likely not work directly from webCoRE.


You could always have webCoRE trigger that command in Tasker.
(once you have it installed on your old tablet)


So I wouldn’t need smartthings or auto notify?


I mean on the tablet of course


You will need AutoNotify if you are going for the speech to text as seen in my other thread.

As far as I know, having ST on the tablet is optional…
(but there are two versions of the ST app, so you can always try the other version)


Notifications on the new version don’t seem to work


I am still using the Classic version, by choice…

Also remember there are 2-3 different ways to send notifications in webCoRE. Maybe try one of the others?


The classic version is the one that I cant get on the tablet. I cant stand the the “newer” one


How else can I send notifications? I know I can send SMS but that wouldn’t work on a tablet.


There are 4 to choose from, but for a tablet without a SIM card, you may be limited to the middle two here.


Another alternative, is to use AutoRemote & webCoRE to send the command directly to the tablet, but the coding is a bit trickier with this method. (which is why the steps are not listed on my previous link)


Wouldn’t either of the highlighted require smartthings to be on the tablet?


Here is the breakdown for AutoRemote when used with webCoRE.

Send a notification to only ONE device without a SIM card


Oh shoot, yes, you are right. You need to either get ST (and notifications) working on the tablet, OR use the AutoRemote method mentioned in my last post.


I might have to reset this tablet as it might help if I fix the Google play store on it.


Having the GP store available can only help.

Might also need to update everything if this device is real old


Its on it but broken for some reason.


That could explain why your ST app isn’t working


I hope so. I really want to get this to work


Google play just crashes when I open it