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this one sets the level to a random value.

on line 207 of snapshot change it to set level to i


I see now. Changing that line to this:

set level to levelLow + random (levelHigh-levelLow)

…sets the level to a random value between levelLow and levelHigh. Thats what I was looking for. Thank you.


Does this capture the state and color of your bulbs prior to running so they can reset back afterwards?


no it does not.


Im trying to follow this thread, but are there 2 pistons I need to enable? I get an error when I implement the one.


are you using this the one with piston code 27364?


When I use any of the codes and implement I get the following in the Logs:

An error occurred while executing the event: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘v’ on null object


usually that happens when during piston restore all device prompts are not filled in or a global variable is not created.

please double check the devices and any global variables.


Since there were 2 lights I only used 1 but did remove the second one from the piston. Is there a global variable required to be created?


which piston code did you use for restore?


I restored with the piston code 27364 you suggested.


did you already do this part?


Am I the only one that sees the phrase “full of crap” in the name of your variable?:rofl:


its early yet … grab a cup of joe and mount the throne to unsee it :wink:


I only have 1 hue strip. How can this be changed to make the colors rotate (fade in /out)? Right now, my strip isn’t giving me the correct colors.


the color rotation is working? you would like it to also fade in / fade out when the colors change?


Well, wouldn’t you know that it works now! You really are good!


sometimes zigbee devices take a bit of time to respond properly in a new environment.

happy to hear its working now.


To bring back an old thread

I just turned this Piston on.

It ran for ten minutes and stopped.

I can’t seem to get it going again. Is there a counter I need to reset?


other than time restriction this global variable should be false:


anything in the logs?