Holiday Piston Community Standard



My motivation for this post began this morning when our shades opened since it’s a Monday, except that it’s also MLK day and we wanted to sleep in. :sleeping:

It would be great if webCoRE could add a list of holidays to choose from in the same area where I specify the days for the if statement to trigger.

In the meantime, is there a community standard to identify holidays for use in other pistons? I’ve researched using the forum search, but there are not a lot of recent posts on this topic. For example, one used GCal which seemed promising, but the post went cold.

If I just had a global variable to check today’s date against a list of federal holidays, then I could add that to the trigger conditions (alongside Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri).


Here’s what I do. These are days my kids don’t have school and I set the thermostat accordingly. Maybe you could glean some ideas from this.


I use Gcal Search and I love it. I use it to automate various pistons based on the days and nights that I work (from my Google calendar). You can select any of the calendars that you use in your Google calendar, including a holidays calendar.


Can you elaborate on how you did this?


Yes, take a look at Parse Gcal. This should give you the basics of setting up your parse piston for a google calendar. Because I work rotating day/night shifts, I have 2 pistons that run daily to determine if I work day or night and then execute things based on that information.

Shout out to @Gopack2 for this great information.