Honeywell T9 DTH - documentation?


I recently got a Honeywell T9 and I’m looking at the DTH list wondering what all of these commands mean. Most are obvious but others not so much. Does anyone know where I can look at documentation on how to use these functions?

I’m really looking for a way to tell the thermostat to “follow schedule” again after I change it’s temp with WC. After changing it’s temp with WC it seems to go into “hold” mode.


If it is a custom Device Handler, I would go to the forum where you found it for specifics…

If it is a generic Handler (built-in), then all you can do is test and see which of the generic commands work with your device…


I have an older Honeywell thermostat RTH 6800. I use webCoRE to control it as well. The command that I use is “resumeprogram.”

I don’t know why it’s not showing up for you with the T9.


@WCmore Yes I’m using the built in DTH for the T9… when I pull up generateEvent or SetThermostatSchedule for example, there is nothing to show me how they’re used.

@Eric182 Are you also using the default DTH for your 6800?


Yes. Here is a screenshot from my phone.