How is Webcore financed?


How is Webcore financed? I presume there are significant costs involved in keeping everything running yet I see no advertising etc. Wouldn’t a subscription
based premium version that provides an increased quality of service help ensure the future of the service.
Personally, although I have never had issues with the execution of pistons, there does often seem to be a delay with piston generated push notifications for example even when at home with reliable wifi connection.
I’d happily pay a nominal monthly subscription fee to ensure this service survives.


As users, we install webCoRE as custom SmartApps in the SmartThings cloud and that is where pistons are saved and executed. So most performance issues will be at the SmartThings end.

Presumably costs are incurred in the servers required for and and for various other tasks that we don’t notice. I’ve no idea how significant the cost is. I am surprised you haven’t noticed the advertising on this forum though, as it is pretty intrusive.


Also, the PayPal link up top goes directly to Adrian, who is paying for the server costs.



Adrian got that Samsung $ now.


In all seriousness that guy and Joao (Tasker) are HA life


Personally, I don’t think it is fair to expect Adrian to use his income to pay for the server we are all using…

We are lucky to be living in a time period where nearly anything we can envision, is possible.