How long will WebCoRE be available


yeah the life of a developer eh :wink:

Hopefully with the resources you will now have available to you, it will become easier, only thing that will be rather frustrating for you is the politics.


Where is the SDC - I am going to guess that it will be in the USA somewhere and us on this side of the pond will need to read about it. Unless there is going to be a webcast of it?


San Jose, CA on 29/30 OCT


A Groovy device handler…that will probably also be going away at some point in the future.

They are live streaming a couple of the big talks. I think they put all of the presentations on YouTube last year under the Samsung Dev channel.


No politics here. LOL


yeah that is what is now concerning me, all the groovy device handlers I have mean that a lot of devices will then become obsolete, as I use hive for heating, some plug and some lights, tp link for other lights.

@ady624 do we know if there is any plans to allow the same functionality that these device handlers provides now. I am thinking specifically about hive (connect) v3.0


There is a path via endpoint apps and device handlers. But you’d need a server to host such an implementation. If you give me details about what device we’re talking about, I can ask around to see if we plan on supporting it.


Hive is a major brand here in the UK for heating and other smart devices. They do all use Zigby.

I personally have their heating control including their TRVs, tuneable and color lights, smart plugs. The kasa KL50 and KL130b light bulbs as well. I also have some sonoff switches. I will be expanding my devices, and I am currently trying to make sure I buy ST compatible products but its not always possible.


Aren’t the KL50 and KL130 actually tplink bulbs?


Yes they are, I meant to mention the, Kasa is a new type that they are marketing.


All sounds very good Adrian. Are you able to say anything about the Classic app, and how it pertains to the changes? And will the new Connect app with all its issues, lack of “Classic” features, app force closing, ghost automations still firing, order of Things being lost, general clunkiness etc ever get to the stable level of the Classic app do you think?


I can’t give you an answer, I am not directly involved in that. I can tell you I’m still using the classic app. Love that app. I don’t think the classic app is getting any love of any kind anymore. And webCoRE will remain an external web-based UI that relies on the Rules API, so it does not need any of the two apps.


Exciting stuff! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it!


@ady624 I remember when you took over the LIFX bulbs in my living room to help you set up the LIFX integration with WebCoRE. Oh the good ol’ days!

Looking forward to positive changes in the near future. Good luck and congratulations on your work at ST.


I am curious, @ady624… Will there be a video available of your speech at the SDC?
(either live, or uploaded somewhere later?)

I would really like to hear what you have to say, but I cannot get away to attend…

Side note:
If anyone here is attending, please record a video of Adrian and share it with us.

Tuesday, October 29, 2:30 - 3:15 PM
Session Room 210B


I’m excited to see where the future of webcore is headed.

After Stringify was shut down I was bummed out but it led me to webcore which opened up a whole new world.

I’m no where close to 400 pistons like @WCmore but I do hope webcore stays around and becomes bigger and better.

Sincerest thanks to all the webcore folks that help make home automation better.


Hey @ady624, as you are preparing for your conference tomorrow…

If you look up and see no film crew, would you please do us the honors of (at least) recording your audio speech from your phone??

There’s a lot of us who would love to hear about a “Rebuilt webCoRE” straight from the “horse’s mouth”…

Of course, if given the choice, a video would be even better, but an audio file is still better than nothing.



With 200(?) speakers though… what are the odds that Adrian will have a film crew in front of him at that time?

Upon closer examination, it seems that the live viewing will only be for the “Keynote and Spotlight Session”… :disappointed_relieved:

If I read between the lines a bit, I am 90% sure there will not be an official film crew in front of Adrian at the time…

Someone… (anyone)P L E A S E record this for us! I will gladly buy you a beer for an audio clip, or a pitcher of beer for a video clip!

Tuesday, October 29, 2:30 - 3:15 PM
Session Room 210B

Thank you in advance!!
(from all of us)


I have been told it would be recorded. Will double check.