How long will WebCoRE be available


Thank you for this!

I wish you the very best in your presentation!!


Good luck with your presentation @ady624


Good luck with your session, I’m eager to see webCoRE and the new API in action!


Excuse my ignorance, but how long before groovy and hence Webcore as it is today is deprecated? Estimated: 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years?


Unknown at this time. Perhaps more details will become available at SDC19 this week.


Good luck and have fun…


This just happened in the Samsung Keynote…


I think that picture answers this thread’s question best.

Happy days.


Yeah, I think so. No take back!


It was pretty freaky when I saw your name come up like that! I hope you get the same pair of shoes as everyone else to do your presentation in :rofl:


I was not watching, getting ready for my session - did she say my name? :slight_smile:


How freaking cool is that!!!


She said “webCoRE” which is as good as your name :wink: on the MAIN stage!


Well that is not my name, that is OUR name :slight_smile: Congrats all!


WebCoRe was just mentioned in sdc. And they are committed to keeping it by the looks of it albeit with a slightly different implementation.


Any links to vids yet?


ha ha


LOL… I guess I asked for that…


Congrats @ady624 I hope this is true integration and not a fork but wow this must feel amazing.


The webCoRE portions are quick.

Whole event:

Start of the smartthings section:

Rules API: