How long will WebCoRE be available


Very quick, but was still good to see the commitment to the future :smiley:


Amazing! Can’t wait to see how it progresses.


yea a very good sign indeed!


@ady624 - Awesome news on expanding what can be run locally, however I am very concerned at the part in bold above. It is true that the number of local devices is growing however the DTHs, last I checked, are very basic and generally do not cover all the features or parameters that the device supports. In other words, just like today, we either have to go with the basic DTH to stay local or go with the full featured DTH and forgo local execution. I suspect that higher end devices will continue to expand their feature-set so this problem is only bound to get bigger.

As an example, I purchased WD200+ dimmers from Homeseer that have 7 RGB leds that I can use for visual notifications. I love that feature, but as far as I know, the local DTH would turn it into a dumb smart dimmer so I have to use a custom DTH that prevents local execution.

Is this even being considered as an issue to be addressed?



I don’t know if we will be able to find a solution for this, I think discussions could be had about ways around it. I can ask the WWST team about Homeseer.


from @prjct92eh2 @ SmartThingsBeat

If you would like to use the proof of concept of webCoRE using the Rules API, visit Note that this site won’t be live forever since it’s a POC, and your automations using it will disappear. But if you like to tinker…


So i assume ill need to recreate all my webcore pistons on the rules api?


reminder: the link I posted above is only a proof of concept and not a final product:


This makes me happy


@ady624 - Homeseer was just an example, but I would not worry about them specifically as their device offering is limited and not very interesting. The only exception was the WD200+ dimmer due to the 7 RGB leds. Brands that tend to make devices with lots of features, as an example, are Aeotec, Fibaro, Innovelli, and likely many others.

Even basic plug in outlets seem to have power (W) reporting with no settings exposed if you use the ST DTH, however if you use a custom DTH, you can get Energy, and can set reporting options (at the very least). If ST is trying to limit users on the frequency of the reports to safeguard performance then ST could do so by limiting the fastest reporting but allowing slower reporting. I value those additional settings, and features so using the ST DTH which hides them is a big ‘NO GO’.


Nice to meet you @ady624 Thanks for the link @jkp

I’ve created one very simple piston for my bathroom fan using the POC webcore site. Obviously not going to move anything over to it since it is temporary.


Was anyone able to record Adrian’s speech?
(either video or audio)

*crosses fingers*


I think they will eventually be up on the Samsung Developers YouTube channel. I only have pics :slight_smile:


Thanks for the visual @prjct92eh2!!!

Did you notice a camera crew in the room during Adrian’s speech?

This line made me laugh…

How many other business models could get away with this? LOL

“We have taken the first steps to secure a building, but it is up to the community to stock the shelves, and program the cash register…”

I guess, in all fairness, with each companies devices having different capabilities, this direction makes sense… We’ve all seen how generic Device Handlers can often fall short.


yeah, everything was filmed. Sessuons from last years SDC were posted, so i would expect the same this year.



I will definitely be watching the Samsung Developers YouTube channel for updates…


Recorded. Was told it might take a week for it to show up on youtube.


I have not been keeping up to date on the newer hubs but do we know which hubs can take advantage of this new Rules API? Hub 6.0?


Purely speculation, but I’d guess v2 and v3 for sure, SmartThings WiFi and Connect Home maybe, and everything else about 0% chance.


please who ever sees it first, share a link here…