How to access my old pistons?


Hi. Been awhile! Happy New Year to all!

I’m trying to access my old ST pistons. I have programming in them that would help me in some httpEdge work I’m doing… but I cannot access them. When I try to get into Webcore, it sends an authentication that used to show up in the Webcore smart app. The new ST of course has no Groovy smart apps, and the old ST app does not open at all.

So then. Is there any method of retrieving those pistons? If so, how?


I don’t believe there is. All the code actually resided in the ST servers. The WebCore editor was only used to load your pistons from ST when you logged into the editor. Unfortunately, they are gone now. Sorry.


Oh well. So it goes. The one thing I was doing there that I cannot quite piece together in Edge is sending Intents to the Sony Android TV. There is an ability to send GET and POST requests, but getting SOAP actions thru that is not working so far.

Thanks for the reply!