How to access (Virtual) device Network ID



How can I access a device’s Network ID?

I’m using virtual presence sensors along with IFTT and google wifi to track presence (this works great). I have some pistons that notify people via SMS based on their associated virtual device presence. I’d rather change it so that I can use the virtual device’s network ID which I have set to the user’s phone number.


You can’t read the network ID’s using webCoRE… only the device ID’s which cannot be changed manually (i.e. to phone numbers).

But there are lots of ways to skin a cat…

You could use a string of ternary operators:

Or you could use a switch case:

Or you could use the replace() function:

Or you could build a more complex piston for a single presence sensor, and then duplicate it for additional sensors, it does not have to be an all-in-one piston.