How-to guide for migrating from ST to HE?


I was wondering if anyone knew of a how-to guide that offers instructions or best practices for moving from ST and Webcore to Hubitat and Webcore. I’ve had a HE hub sitting on my desk for over a year now and it appears it is time to open it and start using it. I’m hoping someone might have documented their experience. TIA for any info any can offer.

Smartthings ide function, run multiple time ceduled handler

Check out the hubitat community, a lot of great advice from many ST converts.

I slowly (over weeks) moved devices to HE and used hubConnect to create virtual ST devices temporarily so that vital automations would continue to function on the ST side. Building a solid mesh along the way. Unfortunately, hubConnect relies on groovy so the clock is ticking. Depending on the number of devices and automations, you might consider going “offline” for a few days, switching everything at once.

Whichever way you go, you can ultimately import your ST pistons into a HE instance using the backup codes.


Thanks for the info. I just got my HE hub setup a few hours and have started the slow slog. I figure I can get things done before Groovy dies if I do a little work every day.


As a bonus you get Echo Speaks on Hubitat which was depreciated on SmartThings last year.