How to remove WebCore from legacy SmartThings


I successfully moved all of my WebCore pistons over to Hubitat before the Groovy shutdown on SmartThings. However, I neglected to move my Brother-in-law’s system that I had set up a couple of years ago. All of his automations were relatively simple so I decided to just avoid WebCore for him and just use the new SmartThings rules. However, therein lies the problem.

I looks like somehow WebCore is still running on his system (albeit incorrectly). When I look in the logs, I see the names of some of the old WebCore routines as the sources of on or off commands for some of his lights.

Question: How can I shut down or remove WebCore from SmartThings given that it doesn’t show in the IDE nor in the SmartThings App any longer?

I can’t even log into the WebCore dashboard to disable the pistons because it needs the code to link it to the browser and you’ve got to get that from the app on SmartThings.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


This is likely contact ST support