Hubitat Elevation


Any more beta updates? Webcore itself just updated again and now I am seeing warnings again. :slight_smile:


I’m unable to gain any access to the page yet my single piston is running fine. :frowning:
Need to look at the local install and use my Linux server, but having issues cloning, just get 443 errors. Dammit.

Access now sorted. Added devices, but changed the DTH and webCoRE didn’t like that change. So removed them from the available devices.


Has anyone figured out how to import a bin code to a local running webcore ? I try it and it gives a error.

Also has anyone figured out how to get the SHM status working for HE and webcore ?


I have SmartTiles 5.3.3 but haven’t been able to port it over, always many issues given. Has anyone been successful ?


I’m late to the party. Can I get an ELI5? Does it means we can keep all of webcore magic while discarding ST entirety and run everything locally?

Might come handy when/if Samsung pushes Smartthings to become less community/dev friendly and more mainstream.


Yes, webcore is essentially the same on both platforms.

Difference comes with the Hubitat app being very basic, the platform is aimed fully at automation and isn’t intended for app control, no device tiles etc.

It’s also missing key things ActionTiles, but may users are using an old version of SmartTiles (but only those that happen to have the old source code, it can’t be shared)


It actually does come with a native dashboard to create your own tiles. Local too, so very low latency between clicking a tile and response. You can also load the dashboard via a cloud link when away from home, so it can serve as a remote app that way.


For those who installed a local webcore dashboard on a pi, is the apache server still usable for other purposes or does the webcore install hog it?

Edit: After some reading I think I will install the wc dashboard on another apache server instance listening on a different port just in case I might need the web server on port 80 in the future.


My attempt at a new instance on a different port failed and I’m too lazy now that it’s the weekend to try it again.

Solution: get another pi when the need arises for a web server :grin:

The good news is I have 4 leak sensors paired now… I think I will give their version of SHM a try for some local goodness.


The requirements for serving up the dashboard should be incredibly minimal because it is just one html page and a few scripts and stylesheets. Once you’ve loaded those once they will stay cached so you’re barely hitting the server at all. It’s a single page app, so despite the browser URL changing, navigating between pistons does not load anything new from your web server. The vast majority of the “work” that happens while you’re browsing the dashboard is communicating with the smart apps.

The only “magic” that apache or any web server provide over just loading the index.html file is path rewriting so that when you refresh the page and load /piston/:8223897348734: directly it serves up the root index.html file (i.e. there is no actual /piston/ path in your web server).


I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Hubitat issue. They don’t seem to like webCoRE very much and aren’t doing very much to make it easier to use. They like their god-awful rules machine.


What is everyone using for a webserver? Local or cloud? If local on what and has it been reliable?


Rasberry pi here. But you realize that is just for piston editing right? All of your pistons are resident on your Hubitat hub for processing. Not on your dashboard device.


Yes I do and piston editing is touch and go. Sometimes I have to refresh to get it to load. Just wondering if others were seeing the same thing. I’ve just been using the cloud as it’s been faster than local.


Mines been working great. What platform are you running it on?


I’ve gotten very used to RM over the last two weeks, but if you struggle with it or just don’t like it, check out the Sharptools Rules recently introduced. It integrates well and easily with HE. I like the interface and expect it to be even better after they get some feedback.


Do the sharptools run locally?

I’m just not finding the flexibility in RM for some of my complex rules. I have pistons with case statements triggered via URL that makes decisions about notifying me about security camera images. No way that’s fitting into RM. Webcore’s just so darn flexible…that once you use it…really, nothing compares.

I’ve genereated a LOT of RM rules and have learned to use it. But I even miss the tracing and logs that WebCore provides. I went down the RM route…but I’m heading back to Webcore because RM functionality just isn’t there. I also really don’t like two different rule engines working and trying to keep track of what is where.


I don’t think so, but you can set it up in minutes and just try it out. I probably won’t use it, but the interface is cool IMO. Different platforms for different people I guess.


Rasberry Pi. And man the WebCore page just spins and spins and so many times I get the “This page may not have loaded properly. You might have to log out and back in” message. Or…it just keeps spinning and then I have to hit refresh to help it along.


Do you have anything else on your Pi? Are you running it in Docker?