Hubitat Elevation


Very little. Time server and Google Assistant relay. Usage is minimal.


And you’re not using Docker? Hmm… That is odd. Might want to try re-installing. Maybe someone else will have a better idea. Sorry.


Ok, now I’m getting that message no matter what I do. Local or Cloud web.

There was a problem loading dashboard data. It may be outdated. Please log out if the problem persists.

Logged out, re-registered browser…no joy.

Seeing this in Hubitat logs too:

[app:15]( 21:01:23.764:errorDashboard: Authentication failed due to an invalid token null

[app:15]( 21:01:19.840:errorDashboard: Authentication failed due to an invalid token null

[app:15]( 20:58:57.186:errorDashboard: Authentication failed due to an invalid token null

[app:15]( 20:58:50.538:errorDashboard: Authentication failed due to an invalid token null

[app:15]( 20:55:51.783:errorDashboard: Authentication failed due to an invalid token null




Anyone else seeing that their Sunset and Sunrise times are off now that we’ve crossed the barrier into winter in the US? Hoping that it clears itself up by tomorrow. Otherwise this is going to be a real pain in the ass.


No problems with this in the UK last week.


I am not seeing that. Mine are correct for my location.


I probably should have come to this group initially. Sorry for the multiple posts in various groups.

I’ve been using Webcore on SmartThings for about 1 yr. Recently I got a Hubitat so that I can get the advantages of local execution. But I cannot log into Webcore. I loaded the Webcore apps into Hubitat. The main Webcore app is OAuth. I named this instance different from my ST instances. But when I go to the instance, log out, go to the Dashboard, and enter in a new code that I just got, I always get a message that there was a problem loading the dashboard, try logging out. What do I need to do to get the Webcore dashboard working with Hubitat?


You’re best bet is to check the logs in hubitat for any errors. Also in chrome, hit f-12 and look at the networking tab to make sure it’s hitting the right url described here and in the following posts.


Thanks for your help. I deleted the 5 Webcore apps, then reloaded them. After that did not work, I decided to reboot the hub. That worked. I now have the Webcore dashboard working!! That also allowed me to update the hub firmware to 1.1.7 which I could not previously do. Now, it’s on to migrating my devices and converting the pistons to work in the HE environment from ST.


I have GOT to get Webcore working in HE… I CAN NOT #*(%$ STAND RULE MACHINE.

There is NO WAY your average person is going to get that damn thing to do anything other than what the basic lighting automation did in Smartthings. At least with webcore. Even a newbie can see what’s going on and figure out the logic. With RM you need to flowchart out an entire plan. Then god forbid you want to change something it’s a refactoring project.

Rant over…

I’m installing webcore back on HE…


Then get it working. It’s not that difficult.

Really. I have all of my ST pistons converted to RM. Wasn’t that big a task once you get into it.


I’m getting the whole

Can’t seem to get past that.

Ok so yes. The house is running on RM now…but converting isn’t that easy. I have pistons that there are no way to convert. They are still on ST. And lighting rules are driving me crazy with things turning them off that didn’t turn them on. Webcore is much more clear about a piston turns off a light when it’s told to turn off a light. Not just when it’s not turning the light on. (aka false)

Either way…I miss webcore…I’m trying…


I do agree about webCoRE. Once you understand it, it’s SO easy to configure things to do what you want.


Have you tried deleting all 5 webCoRE apps.
Then loading and saving the webCoRE main app. and then loading the other 4.
Not sure what else to suggest.


You had me hopeful…hadn’t done it that way before…just tried. Same issue. I just can’t get in.


I don’t why I’m going to suggest this but I may have heard this in the past for something else but try doing it in incognito mode.
See if that works.
Maybe try doing a hard refresh of your browser.
Empty cache etc. etc.
I’m just thinking aloud for things for you to try.


Ok, so I was using the cloud dashboard…I have it on a Pi now and I’ve got in!!!

No idea why it’s working on one and not the other. Thanks for your help!


Back in the day, a lot of us converted Rule machine rules to pistons!!! Funny how things go around…


FOR A REALLY GOOD REASON! Hahahaha. I don’t want to go backkkkkkk